Travel light, live light, be the light

Travel light, live light, be the light

The quote "Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light" by Yogi Bhajan continues to inspire our family both at home and during our travel. This is a story I wrote while we were visiting Frido's family in Hamburg, Germany, this past August. It's a little bit about "how to" travel light but more about the feeling of traveling light and what I learned from the experience. Most importantly, I loved how "in-the-moment" I felt during this journey with fewer personal belongings around me, and I am grateful that I had an opportunity to capture the lesson of traveling light while we were still there. I "am" back in the canyon now as I write this portion of this story, and I feel such fond sensations when I think back about the time spent with Frido's family. Truly priceless. Thank you so much for journeying along with the family:)

Bk Artifacts Featured:

Bk Team Behind the video: Clips shot by Wakako, edited by Eunice.

Music: Distant Fortune by Daniel Kaede


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