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TrulyYours // BK Customization

BK TrulyYours is a one-on-one consultation service to customize your beloved Traveler's Notebook. 

Please email BK for customization options to best serve your needs: Upon your inquiry, Wakako can help you reserve service to create a design schematic and craft a custom invoice to proceed with your request. (Customization items are set as "Sold Out" on the website. Please get in touch with Wakako for the actual availability of the inventory). 

      **Please note that BK TrulyYours is a unique personal service. Each of the customizations will be lovingly cared for at BK Studio by Frido, the co-founder and design director of Baum-kuchen, who has been trained to work on the customization by the TSL team in Okayama. Due to the nature of the hands-on process and high demand, the service will take longer to process than usual BK orders. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the collaborative engagement as well as the anticipation of witnessing your Traveler's Notebook grow and evolve with this process. 

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