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[Baum-kuchen Notebook] JIYU Weekly Planner is an exclusively designed Baum-kuchen x TRAVELER'S COMPANY collaboration item that will perfectly fit inside of the regular size Traveler's Notebook cover. JIYU Weekly has enough weekly spread to get you through the entire year! 

As a passionate Traveler's Notebook user, answering the question of "with limited real estate we have inside of the Traveler's Notebook size refill, what can we do?" has become our quest. The design of JIYU Weekly allows maximum freedom to customize what goes on each weekly page while having a sense of serenity and calmness that come with gentle order. As these pages get filled with life, we want the layout to fall back as a background—each dotted grid important yet harmonious with the rest of the design. 

With the JIYU weekly pages, you can capture 54 weeks of your life in one notebook. The planner pages are Tomoe River Paper 52 gsm in cream. 

    You can use JIYU Weekly Planner along with JIYU Monthly Planner as a set or you can use JIYU Weekly on its own. The notebook can be easily incorporated into the regular size Traveler's Notebook or A5 size Roterfaden


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    Designed by: Baum-kuchen

    Produced by: TRAVELER'S COMPANY, Japan

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