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Roterfaden (it means "red thread" in German") is a smart, utilitarian and very tactile organizer 100% made in Germany!

It's smart because Roterfaden organizer comes with hinged clips that can hold anything and everything that might come towards your way (think... notebooks, to-do list, catalog, a loose printed paper, a map, a phone number on a piece of paper). 

Roterfaden is utilitarian because it comes with functional inner pockets that help you organize your life and essentials.

Its tactility comes from carefully selected Roterfaden materials. The cover comes with a pen holder loop and elastic band in order to keep everything inside safe and secure. 

We love the flexibility and versatility of the Roterfaden with a twist of German Bauhaus approach. If you love the way Traveler's Notebook functions... yet need something slightly larger to write/draw/capture/organize, it will be a great fit for your analogue system!  

If you are interested in customizing your Roterfaden more (you can see a various configuration of Roterfaden on their website), please feel free to send us an email! ( 

You can read our story about our visit to Roterfaden Headquarter in southern Germany! 

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