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Visiting The Superior Labor... and having one of my dream come true July 27 2016

One of the big reason for our recent Japan trip was to visit the headquarter of The Superior Labor in Okayama prefecture.

I so vividly remember the day when I stumbled upon their Engineer Shoulder Bag in a little shop in Harajyuku and having the overwhelming feeling of how much I loved the bag I had in my hand instantly. Ever since then I have been their huge fan for last 4 years. I love artifacts they produce, the concept behind the brand and just everything about them.

When we opened our studio/shop location 3 years ago I started bringing my beloved Engineer Shoulder Bag into the studio as my everything bag. I usually hang my bag on the wall in the studio and many customers who walked in noticed and asked where I got it from... and that's when I knew that I have to reach out to them with all my gut and intent and write a huge love letter to inquire if we could possibly carry their artifacts at our shop.

I can't count how many times I have said "visiting the Superior Labor in Okayama is my dream" in last 4 years... and I am so glad to be sharing a collection of their items at our studio/shop!

When I started planning this trip, my plan was to say hi, visit their cafe and feel the amazing Superior Labor vibe... But I am glad that 2 days with them became so much more. On the first day when we got to Okayama airport, we were so excited to meet the owner Makoto-san and hear his stories behind The Superior Labor, being invited into their headquarter and making place (which was filled with wonderful leather fragrance and the very special kind of "maker's place" air), meet some of the team members who are behind crafting their beautiful artifacts... Our meeting continued to a very special BBQ in front of the observatory house we rented on top of the meadow, the following day to discuss possible future collaboration and more...

Frido and I were most inspired by their strong philosophy, core of what they believe and how it manifests into everything they do. I am incredibly thankful and humbled for our most memorable meeting(s) with them... and am officially screaming (virtually and physically) to the world that I am their biggest fan:)

** Definitely click the title to see more images from our visit to The Superior Labor! 

The Embrace of Beginnings // Angie Park July 02 2016

“If you focus on what you’ve left behind you will never be able to see what lies ahead” —Ratatouille


The embrace of a new beginning is beautiful.

New beginnings are an experiment where each of us chooses to re-imagine our lives— beyond societal rules, norms, expectations, etc.— a concentrated effort to start a new phase of life that forces us to make choices and be courageous. Though phases of life can come in all shapes, sizes and forms (such as getting married, buying a house, having kids, etc.), it is also instigated by a deep inner need for change and growth.

As I begin to transition into a new chapter of my life, I find myself grieving for the old one, as I slowly detach myself from old routines and old feelings to recover and reinvest in my new life. Although I am not leaving everything behind, I feel the need to give myself permission and space for the new experiences to come. 

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Keeping a Notebook through Thick and Thin // Trina O'Gorman June 28 2016

“Keep a notebook. Travel with it, eat with it, sleep with it. Slap into it every stray thought that flutters up in your brain. Cheap paper is less perishable than gray matter, and lead pencil markings endure longer than memory.” — Jack London

Quite often, I have been asked why I am always so upbeat, as if being happy is wrong or a strange thing to be. Friends are well aware of the challenges that I deal with on a daily basis. My personal life is a bit of strain these days, and this isn’t the first time it has been tough. But, my default mode is positive. As to how I stay this way, the answer is always the same. I credit my notebook. When I give this response, most often I get a sideways glance. People think I’m either  quirky or just obsessed with stationery. The truth of the matter is that personal writing is the means by which I process the world around me, try to make sense of my relationships, collect my memories, and make observations about the world that allow me to be amazed by just how glorious the simplest things are. Personal writing taps into my very soul. My notebook is a tool. 

Grab your notebook and read more by clicking the title! 

Cheers to Inspiration Lab 005: Customize your Traveler's Notebook with 1.61 Soft Goods (6/18/16) June 25 2016

It's hard to imagine that one whole week has already passed since our Inspiration Lab with 1.61 Soft Goods happened in this studio last Saturday. Today the space is really quiet... I finally had a chance to go through some images from the event so I wanted to take a moment to share it with you! 

The idea of this Inspiration Lab was to create an open-studio gathering where our BK community can meet our creative partner 1.61 Soft Goods who is behind our Essential leather inserts for Traveler's Notebook, BK leather charms, Napkin Sketchbook, Origami Leather Basket... and more! 
Added (and huge) bonus: Diana and Wes of 1.61 Soft Goods offered to emboss our logo marks and favorite inspirational quotes on everyone's Traveler's Notebook as well as other selected leather items using the embossing machine they use in their workshop! 
**click the title to read more and see pictures from the event! 


Analogue system: Simplified June 20 2016

It's hard to believe we have crossed 1/2 mark of the year! How is your analogue system going??? Is your system still holding up to your hopes and dreams you set out at the beginning of this year?? At the end of last year, I wanted to simplify the system. (link here about the story) and it feels like the idea of "simplicity" is still very present in my life. What changed??? I have it even more simplified. Having gone through spring with a loss in our circle of friends and few other "life" staff, I really needed a fresh start. My metaphor is... that some people go out and buy a brand new sport car when they feel stuck in life..., I change up my analogue system instead! 

I am pretty happy with the current set up. It feeds both my soul and productivity in a balanced way! 

So here is the details.

Traveler's Notebook (regular size) as my planner & wallet. 

MD leather cover with A5 notebook for everything else. 

Pretty simple, right? 

**click the title to read more and see more pics:) 

Travel with Purpose // Angie Park June 01 2016

"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us." ----

We’ve always been on the move.

Since we were hunters and gatherers in search of food.
Since we began to build roads that allowed us to travel and caravan through continents.

We moved and travelled for the purpose of trade, commerce and religious convictions that took people like Christopher Columbus and Marco Polo to foreign parts of the world to encounter new strange lands where they were confronted by people who spoke different languages and believed in other types of deities. Our movement spread stories, expanded minds and changed the way we view others and ourselves.

- Angie Park

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On Keeping My Notebook // Trina O'Gorman May 24 2016


I’ve kept a notebook of one kind or another, since I was a young girl of around nine years old. My first was a black marbled composition book, like the kind you could pick up in the stationery aisle of most supermarkets. Nothing fancy. Later I’d discover that Jean-Michel Basquiat used the same kind of notebooks, and he was genius, brilliant albeit haunted by ghosts. Mine will not end up in art museums like his, but they served their purpose and housed a few ghosts as well. 


Over the years, my notebooks have served all sorts of purposes. They have been repositories for my creative writing and poetry. They have been organizers. They have been places where I plan and dream and celebrate the magic of life. Ah, there is so much magic! They have been places where I process my thoughts and come to better understand the world around me. And in times of deep sorrow, they have been places where I’ve grieved. On the organizational side, they are extensions of my brain. On the personal writing side, they are keepers of my heart and soul. I don’t find them to be particularly artistic, but more about maintaining order in my life and making sense of the world around me. Yet, there is a certain artistry to examining and observing life. Perhaps, that is art.

- Trina O'Gorman 

** click the title to read more of her analogue system! 

Love for Traveler's Notebook with Patrick Ng (5/19/16) May 29 2016

May 19th was a very memorable day for us at Baum-kuchen! We had an amazing honor to host Traveler's Notebook meet-up with Patrick Ng. I had to pinch myself few times the day because it was really a dream come true to have such a passionate Traveler's Notebook community in Los Angeles to gather and listen to Patrick's point of view in analogue lifestyle, his role as a stationery buyer in Hong Kong, as well as stories behind Traveler's Notebook.

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SAVE THE DATE // 1.61 Soft Goods Inspiration Lab // June 18th (Saturday) May 06 2016

We are thrilled to share that we are bringing new type of Inspiration Lab to our Baum-kuchen studio on June 18th (Saturday)! This gathering will be very special because we are featuring our favorite creative partners, Diana and Wes of 1.61 Soft Goods.

For the past 2.5 years Baum-kuchen and 1.61 Soft Goods have worked on so many creative projects together from Essential leather insert for Traveler's Notebook, Origami Leather Basket (which was initially designed as BK in-store shopping basket) to soon to launch Baum-kuchen charm 2.0! We love their design aesthetics, craftsmanship and maker's lifestyle.

On June 18th, Baum-kuchen community is invited to our BK studio/shop in Glassell Park to customize your Traveler's Notebook and refills (or any other notebooks of your choice:). You will be working with 1.61 Soft Goods using their beloved leather tools while browsing unique 1.61 Pop-up collection (some of which include artifacts that are exclusively sold through their website).

This gathering will be RSVP only and free to attend so please stay tuned for an update.

If you would like, please send us an email to so we can add your email address to our Inspiration Lab contact list!

When we come across a fork in the road // Angie Park May 06 2016


"One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. "Which road do I take?" she asked. "Where do you want to go?" was his response. "I don't know," Alice answered. "Then," said the cat, "it doesn't matter." - Lewis Carroll


As young adolescents, we grow up hearing…

What do you want to do?

Who do you want to be?

What do you want to accomplish?


We think that the answers to these questions will lead us towards a clear path and some sort of ‘final destination.’ But, as we grow older, and gain new understandings, you realize these answer are not set in stone, but it shifts, adapts, and changes with time. These questions continue to pop up again and again over the course of our lives (sometimes, in different formats), and it allows us to reflect and re-calibrate. Sometimes, we come across a fork in the road— a chance for us to make adjustments, and re-set our path. These opportunities require us to make decisions.

- Angie Park

*click the title to read more! A notebook and pen might be a helpful companion along with a cup of tea or coffee:) 

Reflecting on Inspiration Lab 004: The Art of Fountain Pens (4/10/16) April 24 2016

Few weekend ago, we hosted our 4th Inspiration Lab at Baum-kuchen. We love that we continue to explore different aspects of analogue lifestyle through these intimate gatherings. This time, we shared our love for all things fountain pens.

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Building an analogue habit / The 100 days of Meditation April 03 2016

Few weeks ago, I reached the epic goal in the most beautifully anti-climatic way. I completed my "100 day" project. 

I first came across the idea of #The100DayProject when I attended and spoke at the recent "The Beyond Inspiration" gathering. There, Sarah Ehlinger (check out her Instagram @verysarie) shared her story about The 100 Days Project she was just finishing and how it shifted her creative career. At the end of the gathering, I left the room promising myself that I would love to shift something in my life by challenging myself with The 100Day Project. 

Knowing myself and everyday juggle we have at home and the studio, I knew that whatever I decided to tackle as a part of The 100Day Project needed to be simple and straight forward... Around the same time I started to practice morning meditation using Headspace app. So combining these two ideas came together somewhat natually.

My objective for 100Day Project: 
To write a thought, feeling, a word... that came to my mind during and/or after my meditation using pen and paper. 

So the journey began on 11/8/2015. 

**click the title to read more

Let's "Mail it Forward"! March 27 2016


As we dig deeper into what "love for analogue" means to us at Baum-kuchen, we are discovering that idea of sending a letter via snail mail really resonates with us. 

I think it's truly magical... that we can drop off letters written with our personal hand writing at any given corner mail box and with amazing amount of trust and faith, they travel near and far... sometimes cross country. Sometimes it travels across sea which then gets passed onto the destination postal system until it is safely delivered.... How many hands the letter needs to be passed on to arrive to the destination. 
I am thrilled that at Baum-kucheh we can share what inspires us at this moment - Mail it ForwardUniquely curated vintage postage stamp collection in Baum-kuchen style. 
**Click the title to read more about Mail it Forward vintage postages stamps as well as Pen Pal etiquette tips by Eunice

More Than Words // Angie Park March 09 2016


Early February, I headed to Singapore for work. One of the things I wanted to investigate during my travels were the transformations that occur when we set aside time to write a letter to someone we love from afar.

What changes in you?
What changes in the relationship between you and the person who receives it?
What makes this mode of communication so special?

**read more from Angie by clicking the title

Hello Fountain Pen! February 10 2016


We are extremely excited that we get to continue sharing our love for analogue in many different layers. If you have seen our BK Instagram feed, you probably have noticed that I am pretty obsessed with my fountain pens including Lamy and Kaweco for everyday adventures. (their fountain pens coming soon to Baum-kuchen shop!) 

There are still SO MUCH MORE for me to learn about fountain pens so I asked Eunice if she could give me some fountain pen tips from her perspectives. (and above image from the day when I learned that we should clean the pen every time we change our ink cartridge!)

p.s who will be heading out to The Los Angeles International Pen Show this weekend?? I have heard so much about this event over many years and so thrilled to check it out in person for the first time:)

**click the title to read more about fountain pen tips!

Reflecting on Inspiration Lab 003: Mail more love (2/7/16) February 09 2016

We had so much fun at Inspiration Lab on last Sunday. This time around, we focused on facilitating the Baum-kuchen experience of writing, crafting and sending a letter. I love working with Eunice. She sprinkled so much details in everything we prepared... from a special gift to each guest to letter crafting ingredient stations! ... And we had mini work stations for everything. Paper/envelope station, wax seal station, typewriter station, envelope making station... you name it!

Once we launched the Lab, the whole room got very very quiet. Everyone was putting a lot of thoughts into what they were crafting... for someone special. The analogue energy in the space was incredible. Some guests finished the entire letter including the final touch with vintage postage and putting address labels and dropped off their letters into our BK mail box (aka vintage milk box from Japan). I so so appreciate everyone bringing such a positive energy into the group... making the time we spent so much more. Writing a letter is a very personal activity. I am hoping that mixing the private letter writing process that is so close to our heart and being at the communal table brought much creativity and inspiration to everyone who was present!

We are hoping to facilitate and host more unique gatherings at Baum-kuchen in the future so please stay tuned! Send us an email ( if you are interested in putting your contact info on our Inspiration Lab list. You will be the first ones to receive the announcement via email. We then usually announce our studio events on our BK (email) love letter and Instagram

Happy analogue adventure:) 

Crossroads: Q&A with Erika Nishizato February 02 2016

Two years ago, when I left New York City, my friend Erika Nishizato also embarked on a long journey across the world. She's a kindred spirit who loves to travel and wander the world as I do. Since then, our lives have drastically changed, in ways we couldn't have imagined. With that comes daunting unpredictability but also adventure and boldness as we continue to build our "new" lives. Here, a Q&A conversation with Erika from across the world. 

Adaptation by Yuri Angela Chung February 02 2016

I'm a strong believer in the "Laws of Attraction" — sometimes, people magically enter your life in meaningful synchronicity.  Yuri and I grew up together in the suburbs of California, but it's only till recently that we re-connected, under such strange circumstances. Her courage, relentless dedication to her work and her gusto for life inspires me everyday. Yuri's story emboldens me and encourages me to evolve, adapt, and continue to become a more authentic version of myself. I hope she inspires the same to you— to shine brightly even during a storm. 



**click the title to read more

Anthony's Traveler's Notebook [Sojourning through life] January 15 2016


One of my all time favorite feature of Travelers Notebook is that the system can be flexibly used for everyday as well as during travel. I am excited to see our customer Anthony's 1 year anniversary with his well loved AND traveled brown Traveler's Notebook. His Traveler's Notebook has journeyed around the world as well as his home town in New York City.  
I hope you enjoy reading his reflection of life adventure along with his Traveler's Notebook and seeing beautifully captured images of his TN. It certainly made me want to travel very very far with my Traveler's Notebook... and collect family memory all at the same time. 
-wakako (who is always dreaming about big and small adventures) 
**click the title to read more! 

LOVE for Analogue / personal touch with wax seal January 09 2016


We recently had a wax seal party at our studio! Well... it was Nerine and me learning about wax seal from Eunice and getting totally psyched about using wax seal on everything everywhere!

Before I had this little session with Eunice, I felt pretty intimidated by the idea of wax seal so I was grateful that she broke things down in easy steps and showed us tons of different ways to use wax seal in today's analogue world!

We are designing our Baum-kuchen original wax seal stamp for very very near future... and can't be thrilled more! For now.... I hope this visual story will get your creative juice going!


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