Welcome Back, All Canvas Wallet!

Welcome Back, All Canvas Wallet!

We are excited to bring back the BK Original Paint Colors we created last summer to our upcoming in-stock items! Figuring out the translation of paint colors took a while. We wanted to keep the essence of these paint colors that originated in our California roots while making sure that paint is compatible with all the artifacts we collaborate with TSL. So yes. It took a while! If you are interested, you can read more about our color story here!

This time, we brought back a few of the All Canvas Wallet canvas/paint combination to be featured as our future in-stock items. We love them all so it was hard to pick our current favorites but here are colors that are coming back!

Natural Canvas with Jacaranda and Joshua Tree

Orange Canvas with Tide Pool

Gray Canvas with Loft and Surf

We are hoping to receive these items by May-June! I hope you enjoy them:) 


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