Color Stories

Color Stories

At Baum-kuchen, we take all design details serious. Designing colors is definitely one of the big creative projects we frequently take on when we project our next year's color scheme for Travel for Life Wallet, Notebook Covers, or our original pouches.  

So you can imagine designing the paint colors we have created for our BKxTSL collaboration artifacts has also taken a unique design path. For this year, we came up with 6 paint colors and these colors are extremely close to our hearts as each color has a story inspired by our lifestyle in Southern California. I hope you enjoy reading through the story behind each! 

Joshua Tree: majestic Joshua Tree in dry desert. I hope you can feel the warm wind brushing your skin when you see this paint color

Loft: This color to me represents the beauty of old meets new in downtown Los Angeles. 

Sunset: bright and blazing sunset we often experience throughout the year. 

Surf: misty morning wave with an overhead marine layer which is our LA signature atmosphere by the beach between the month of May to July.  

Tide Pool: Mid-day. Gazing into the tide pool looking for interesting sea creatures. 

Jacaranda: Our version of cherry blossom in June. The color is so vibrant that it is impossible to miss them when they are lined up on the street. 

With the deep roots in Southern California, my hope is that this color collection continues to bring your memory back to California where Baum-kuchen breathes its inspiration! 


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