Seeing a collaboration project come through: [TSLxBK] Porter

Seeing a collaboration project come through: [TSLxBK] Porter

We started working on this unique collaboration project when TSL family was visiting us for the first BKxTSL Inspiration Lab in May 2018. First, It was a conversation over lunch, then a sketch, multiple discussions with BK team and TSL team, samples made numerous times, and more adjustments of the design. 

I am happy to share that after a year of back and forth, we are ready to share the final design with you. You can read more about it on our product page [TSLxBK] Porter Pen Case! Few things I LOVE about the design. 

  1. The proportion!!! We wanted this pen case to be able to carry plenty of variety of pens/pencils while staying slim. Also, we wanted it to be visually pleasing when the pen case is opened and closed. 
  2. Flexibility in how you can use it. You can use the inside pockets in anyways you like! My favorite configuration is to have all the pens on the interior right panel. Having clips of the pens hooked on the sleeve of the pockets for security. This way, I can carry the maximum number of pens while having them secured in place. I can't wait to see how it gets used in many different ways when these pen cases make it to our community's hands!
  3. The tactile materials. We decided to use TSL Original Leather (which is oiled and treated slightly to give a premium look and feel) on the outside and natural leather inside. They both will get beautifully caramelized over time. One side of the inside panel has a suede material to give rich and smooth texture! (both for your hands and your pens.
  4. Removable pad. We understand that our BK community loves and cares about their pens. We wanted our pen case to have a way to honor your pens. You can use the pad to cushion when you close your pen case as well as a placemat for your pens when you lay them out! 
  5. BKxTSL collaboration logo. We designed a new logo that will be used for our collaboration leather products. Compact Pen Case is the very first artifact with the logo embossed! BK team member, Emil, lead the logo design with Frido taking a creative director role. The symbol says "Baum-kuchen" and "The Superior Labor" in Japanese kata-kana characters. I appreciate that our two names are co-existing within one logo which symbolizes our ever growing relationship with TSL. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 




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