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Baum-kuchen and The Superior Labor have collaborated to create a beautifully crafted leather pen case that can safely accommodate your favorite writing instruments. 

The inside left panel features pockets at 2-tiered heights. It is perfect for storing flat items like your favorite Instax pic and a ruler. The right panel has one pocket that can be used to hold your writing instruments. You can either keep your pens inside of the pocket for extra protection or use your pen clips to attach your pens to the sleeve of the pocket. When you are moving from one place to another with your pen case, you can zip up the entire pen case to ensure that everything inside is secure. 

The pen case comes with a removable leather pad that can be layered over your pens so the pens/pencils on your right-side panel will not be scratched by objects you are storing on the left side panel. One side of the pad is made of TSL leather in natural and another side is made of suede in a neutral warm gray color. 

On the outside, you will see the Baum-kuchen x The Superior Labor collaboration logo which was designed to highlight our collaborative spirits. It says "Baum-kuchen" and "The Superior Labor" in Kata-Kana which is a type of Japanese character. 

All materials are carefully sourced in Japan, and their artifacts are made in the Superior Labor studio in Okayama prefecture where they turned an old elementary school into a unique workshop space.

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Outside: TSL original leather

Inside: Vegetable-tanned natural leather

Inside Panel: TSL Leather and suede 

Please be advised that the true leather color can slightly vary depending on your screen.

TSL artifacts are handmade with love and care by The Superior Labor in Okayama, Japan. The TSL team works diligently to honor leather as organic material, making sure to minimize production waste. As a result, some of the TSL artifacts feature natural markings such as scars, blemishes, wrinkles. The vegetable-tanned leather is sourced from a Japanese tannery in Tochigi prefecture. You will see the leather age and patina beautifully over time. We hope you enjoy all of the characters for many years ahead.

Dimension: L3.5"x H7" x D 0.75"

Designed: in collaboration with Baum-kuchen and The Superior Labor
Made by: Superior Labor in Japan
Condition: New

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