Growing with my Traveling Balloon Pants

Growing with my Traveling Balloon Pants

I am so thrilled to share my personal thoughts about our new Traveling Balloon Pants while I am still enjoying the aftertaste of our recent Japan trip!

As you probably know by now, our family travels quite a bit with our kids. Through our past experiences, Frido and I have found that experiencing the adventures near and far bring us together as a family and really compliment the relationship we are steadily building at home with each other. We also just love adventures:) We love creating a vision of how the specific trip might go and be surprised by how it actually becomes. We cherish seeing us being flexible and adaptable and feel inspired to be reminded how little we need to own to get through days and weeks. 

Frido and I also use the opportunities to travel as a base of our product testing. To use the artifacts we share at Baum-kuchen in the real world and in the most strenuous way (travel very much brings that) and see if we still truly love them.

When the final sample of the new Traveling Balloon Pants arrived shortly before we left for Japan, I knew that we will be product testing them on the road. I wanted to make sure that the new pants can fit in our expectations of compact traveling as we each only had a carry-on backpack to bring. I also wanted to see if I can feel comfortable wearing the pants both on a mountain hike and in the city of Tokyo, where everyone on the streets feels like they are styled as models! (sooo fashionable!!!)

Since the fabric we picked was slightly thinner than our original black/white Traveling Balloon Pants, the pants packed super light. About 20% smaller. That was plus when we had to pack and unpack our belongings every time we changed our accommodations. The thinner fabric also meant faster drying time when I washed the pants. I imagine the new Traveling Balloon Pants to be perfectly casual and relaxed for a beach day and our original black Balloon Pants to be adaptable for dress up and down occasions! 

When we first designed Traveling Balloon Pants back in 2017, I envisioned to create a style that help us feel like Dola from the movie "Castle in the Sky" because she was my personal inspiration. Since then, I got a little older and put a little more humble life experiences under my belt and I am feeling that I am perhaps a tiny bit closer to be like Dola. I still have a lot to learn from her but I will get there someday. Twenty years from now, you will probably still find me opening the BK shop a few times a week wearing my balloon pants, still putting more mileage every day to be little closer to my personal hero;) 


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