Time away

Time away

Greetings from Michigan.

When I planned this Michigan trip to visit our friend Susan, I thought the timing might be too close to BKxTSL Inspiration Lab as we said good-bye to the TSL family only a week ago and we have been busy building up the shop since then. 

Now I am here by the lake, I feel the timing could not have been better. Both physically and metaphorically, I put everything I had in me into creating the event and sharing our time together with TSL and BK family for the last two weeks. I can feel that I really needed this moment to fill my cup again so I can continue to share what we love when I am back in Los Angeles. 

Nurturing Baum-kuchen sometimes feels very similar to being a parent. I can step away from my girls but I never stop thinking about them. It's the same for me and BK relationship. I can physically step away from the studio but only to see the hopes and dreams of Baum-kuchen through different angle and perspective. I am excited to see through what kind of new thoughts/visions will arise for BK and our family during this upcoming week in Michigan. 

Stay tuned! 

p.s. We are now putting together a story about BKxTSL Inspiration Lab! Please stay tuned for videos and photographs from the event soon:) 


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