Putting the shop back together!

Putting the shop back together!

When we have a big event like last weekend, we literally take our studio/shop space apart to accommodate the occasion. Yesterday, we started putting the shop display back together. It felt a little bit like deja vu since we just moved into space in April and spent quite a bit of energy figuring out the display space. And it requires a lot of time no matter how often we go through the process because we continue to evolve the space instead of putting it together exactly in the same layout. When I left the studio early evening today, space looked and felt 80% there. Just little more tender love and care from the BK team on Thursday and Friday morning to be ready for our Friday opening hours. 

One of the reasons why it takes so long to figure out the layout is that our display shelves and containers are mostly found objects and have the beautiful wabi-sabi vintage look. So they don't come in the perfect notebook size like the merchandise shelvings that might be often used in retail stores. I have a fond story for each one of these display cases, tables, shelvings. The newest addition to our display setup is the blue metal container Judi, our very special BK friend/customer, generously shared with us from her collection. We coated the paint, cleaned up the inside a little bit and brought it back to the studio today. I love that each time I see this container, it will remind me of Judi's kindness and our special connection to her. 

I will be traveling with the girls from upcoming Wednesday but our team will be there this Friday (2-4pm) and Sunday (1-4pm) to open the shop again! 

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  • Kinjal: June 25, 2019
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    I recently discovered your site a couple of months back and I have been a fan since. We live in singapore and I would love to visit your store someday and be a part of the BK team/family.

    I am a stay at home mom and so haven’t got much of a chance to buy the BK products as they do not fit the family budget but my wishlist has alot of BK products. I look for this account on Instagram everyday and find it so nice and meaningful. I hope you spread more joy and happiness around as you have always done. Appreciate all your hard work and time you spend. Thank you.

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