TSL Utility Leather Case / Store your Everyday Essentials!

TSL Utility Leather Case / Store your Everyday Essentials!


A few months ago, I was discussing with Ame how it would be so amazing if there was a beautifully designed portable case that could store all our favorite analogue artifacts in one place somewhere in the universe! While there are a variety of large cases that already exist, I had yet to come across one with a thoughtful enough layout to house bulky everyday stationery artifacts right alongside more fragile items such as pens/fountain pens. I was also not too crazy about the designs and materials of the ones already on the market.

There have been so many instances where I had settled in nicely on the couch in the living room ready to journal only to realize I had forgotten my scissors, or had to run back into the room to grab a washi tape. In those moments, the conversation with Ame would flash back into my head and I kept thinking about this case I had not come across yet. Perhaps the universe heard me because a few weeks after that, Wakako showed us the upcoming TSL line-up and there it was... the case I had been dreaming about; the Utility Leather Case! As you can imagine I was beyond excited when it finally arrived. What I love most about the case is how versatile it is! While for myself I will use it to store stationery artifacts (of course!), it can be used in so many different ways depending on your lifestyle and needs. I can also imagine it being a great in-flight pouch for traveling or to house all those loose odds and ends we carry in our bags on the daily. We are so looking forward to seeing how you will incorporate it into your life! 

- Eunice

Text, photos, and video by: Eunice

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