[BK Original Tape] No.013 Sparkle

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Coco LOVES celebration. Her friends' and family's' birthdays and special holidays we celebrate are her favorite topic. She even dreams up a birthday party for her favorite stuffed animals as well as her beloved pet chickens. Flowers are Coco's other passions. If flowers are blooming in our garden, Coco will surely design a curated bouquet for our family table. Sparkle captures her spirit. The drawing of her flowers layered with a splash of paint colors she creates on her canvas. The square shapes are cut out pieces of her actual pressed flowers. We love that they add beautiful natural tones to the design. 

**A part of the sales for this tape will go into Satchi and Coco's "Africa Fund" which is their saving to make their dream trip to watch lions and elephants in person come true. 

Dimension: 15mm x 10m (0.59in x 39.37in)

Designed By: Baum-kuchen   

Condition: New  

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