TSL Magnetic Pen Clip for your Favorite Pen

TSL Magnetic Pen Clip for your Favorite Pen

Isn't it nice to know that you always have your favorite pen with you? At Baum-kuchen, we definitely take "pen carrying" matter pretty seriously. We were thrilled to see a new type of pen clip from The Superior Labor this fall. This pen clip has a strong magnet which makes it easy to snap on any surface including a leather (TN cover is perfect for this), various canvas notebook cover, as well as a pocket on a coat jacket! Our first inventory for this item has sold out very quickly but we are now taking pre-orders for all 4 colors available (Olive, Orange, Nude, and Brown). I hope you enjoy! -wakako

The BK team behind the video: Eunice for capturing and editing the beautiful analogue tool footage.


TSL Magnetic Pen Clip

[TSLxBK] Ichigo Ichie Brass Charm 

Traveler’s Company Brass Clip / 030 / Airplane 

Traveler’s Notebook - Camel 

Some Mood Design Memo Pad - Grid

[TSLxBK] b6 Slim Notebook Cover - Various color options available 

[TSLxBK] All Leather Notebook Cover - a5 slim / Dark Brown

Y-Studio Brassing Fountain Pen

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  • Reno: April 02, 2020
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    Hello! I was wondering how would I go about pre-ordering one in Olive? Thank you. – Reno

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