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A functional and beautiful writing instruments can bring much inspiration to our everyday acts such as journaling, letter writing, memo taking... or a simple list making process. We appreciate the craftsmanship and design that is a part of the ystudio Classic Brassing Pen. 

      The nib on these Brassing fountain pen is from German Schmidt. The nib flow is incredibly smooth and has exceptional, consistent writing flow. In terms of stroke size, the fine nib is comparable to a European fine vs. a Japanese fine.

      The Brassing will wear in over time and you will see the reveal of the brass color underneath. If you would like to customize the look and feel of the pen from the beginning, you can use the included sandpaper to take some of the Brassing off the material. 

      You can bring your pen in your pen case or carry it in the uniquely designed wooden container which can be attached to your bag or other places where "clip" style pen usually can't be attached. 

      We hope you enjoy the entire experience this artifact brings from opening the well thought-out packaging, the act of writing, and witnessing the wearing-in process. 

      Each package comes with a brochure, a sandpaper, wooden case as well as 2 leather straps (black and nude) with a brass ring to compliment the Brassin Fountain Pen. 

      **The package includes an ink converter but does not come with an ink. 

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      Material: Brass with wooden carrying case

      Dimension: 0.4" x 5"

      Designed and Made By : Y Studio in Taiwan

      Condition: New  

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