Journal With Me: A Quiet Morning With Nerine

Journal With Me: A Quiet Morning With Nerine

As parents, watching kids grow through this season has been a combination of joy and bittersweet. I am grateful for all the time we have together, yet, it's difficult to watch them not being able to freely run around with their friends. I so appreciate Nerine's journal page from her perspective as a mom to two sweet boys. I hope you enjoy pouring your thoughts on the paper alongside Nerine as you turn on this video.


The BK team behind the video: Nerine for recording the original footage of her journaling time and Eunice for editing the footage.

// How To Use Journal With Me//

Many of us really cherish our alone time to journal, but have you ever tried journaling with a friend in solitude? It can be pretty special. We can experience and appreciate dwelling in our own thoughts while having a friend’s presence by our side to share in these analogue moments in a peaceful way. Whenever you need a companion to journal with, we hope our virtual presence to be by your side can give you much-needed comfort and happiness. All you need to do is turn on the video and journal along … we are here with you.


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