Traveler's Notebook 10th Anniversary LIMITED EDITION


We are beyond excited to celebrates 10 years with Traveler's Notebook! To mark the occasion, Traveler's Company has brought Traveler's Notebook MINI with original tin container. It's a beautiful and functional TN keepsake!

We will have 3 TN Mini colors available.  

  1. Brown leather with orange tin can
  2. Black leather with green tin can
  3. Camel leather with blue tin can

Each package includes:

  • Original tin can that can be used to hold your refill notebook or other keepsake TN accessories/charms! 
  • TN Mini leather cover in your selected leather color
  • a matching mini cotton clothes case
  • Refill mini kit which can be stabled together to create your custom mini refill notebook! 
  • Mini brass charm
  • 10th Anniversary stickers 
  • 10th Anniversary TN guide

Check out how you can use your TN Mini notebook and tin can container in creative ways:

    Meet inspiring Traveler's Notebook users!

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