Fun Wax Seal Ideas with Baum-kuchen!

Fun Wax Seal Ideas with Baum-kuchen!

We are thrilled to share the new wax seal adventures with you. We have added wax beads to our collection so you can create a beautiful swirl of colors by melting the beads in a wax melting spoon. I am so delighted to see the color combination come alive and how meditative the process can be, to sit and wait for the wax to melt over a candle then slowly pouring over a paper.
In this video, Eunice will walk you through

  1. Adding dried or pressed bits from nature to create a rustic and warm feel.
  2. Creating fun and magical marbling effect using wax beads or wax sticks.
  3. Letting happiness shine through with clear wax and glitter.

I hope you enjoy playing with your wax seals today!

The BK team behind the video: Eunice for creating the voice-over tutorial and editing the footage beautifully.


Wax beads

Wax beads melting spoon

Non-Wick Wax Stick // Series 2

Wax Seal / BK Clover 

Wax Seal / Mizuhiki Ribbon Mini

Wax Seal / Imagination Will Take You Everywhere 

[BK Notebook ] Journey is the Destination 

Traveler's Notebook 

TN / 030 / Brass Clip / Logo 


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