[BK Original Wax Seal] Mini Mizuhiki Ribbon

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Mizuhiki Ribbon Wax Seal takes inspiration from Japanese traditional knot which is used to wrap a gift and money envelope, etc. for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.  

With the symbol of "Mizuhiki Ribbon" engraved on the wax stamp, you will be able to not only seal your next snail mail... but also stamp on your journal page, a little gift for someone, etc. The possibility is endless! We love that this wax seal stamp adds meaning to your analogue details instead of simply being ornamental. It's functional and beautiful at the same time:) It will be a timeless way to add your signature look.

If you are interested, you can find 7 different ideas of how you can use your wax seal in everyday analogue adventure in our story! 

The wax seal is made of solid brass, engraved just perfectly to give a crisp impression and comes beautifully packaged. 

If you need sealing wax to get started, please browse here to find non-wick sealing wax so you can start experimenting with the wax seal as soon as you receive the package. These sealing wax are made with flexible wax. The seal on the envelope will not break or crack during shipping. 

We hope you enjoy;) 


Seal design width: 0.47"

Designed By: The Daily Roe

Condition: New  

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