Creative Analogue Projects with Harinacs Staple-free Stapler

Creative Analogue Projects with Harinacs Staple-free Stapler

This Harinacs staple-free press stapler was created to hold documents together in a fresh and innovative way so that it would not cause holes in the binding process like a standard stapler. However, we have found that it is so much more than just a "stapler"! It is a fun and versatile way to seal the ends of handmade envelopes, attach special ephemera, and save notes from loved ones to your journal or planner pages. The press creates a delicate and clean finish that adds another layer of beautiful texture to your project. The pressed binding can easily be undone by running a blunt hard surface (such as a pen cap or the corner of the press) over the area to release the grip on the paper. The process of using this smart tool and seeing the result each time is so satisfying you'll want to use it for all your binding needs (I know I have been) :) We hope you enjoy using it and can't wait to see all the new and different ways you've incorporated it into your analogue life!

- Eunice

The BK team behind the video: Eunice for shooting and editing the footage and creating fun analogue projects.

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