[Kokuyo] Harinacs Press // Staple-free Stapler

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Harinacs Press binds papers up to five sheets by uniquely pressing papers. It's a hole-less and staple-less solution for keeping loose documents together. When you are ready to separate bound pages, you can rub the pressed area with a hard flat surface such as a tip of a pen cap or the corner of Harinacs Press then the binding will loosen easily. 

We love adding notes, letters, and inspirational quotes to our journal pages using Harinacs Press because it not only holds loose elements together securely but also creates an elegant look and feel to incorporate them on the journal spread. I hope you enjoy exploring different ways to use this press. 

Dimension: 6.18" x 4.45" x 1.46"

Designed By: Kokuyo, Japan

Condition: New  

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