Baum-kuchen opening party

Baum-kuchen opening party

I am glad to share that we had a fantastic studio / shop opening party on Saturday! A week leading up to the event was pretty "full". My friend Susan was staying with us for a week to help us with EVERYTHING from filling our belly with her delicious cooking, playing with our girls, packaging some of the products... to giving me critical feedback on the styling of the space. And having a friend nearby for the busy week kept me sane. I kept telling myself that the most important thing is that we all have fun:)

I also feel really lucky that the event has taken its own life to become a joint party between Stefan (a furniture designer across the street), SWRVE (a bicycle apparel shop next door) and our shop's opening! Verdugo Bar also shared their yummy beer and the owners of Lemon Poppy Kitchen (my favorite breakfast place!) stopped by with their pastries to welcome us to the neighborhood! I am so head over heels (did I get this expression correctly??) on Glassell Park.

Friends and families from all over Los Angeles (and San Jose for my sister) joined us to celebrate the occasion and I am so happy to be able to share our humble start with everyone. It was also very special to meet our lovely online customers Steve and Alison! They were just as sweet in person;) The love and support we felt from the community was beyond our word!

Here are some photos our friend Susan and Dice took during the event! It was really hard to pick handful (okay... I know there are more than handful...) but I tried to pick a variety to show some of the moments from the afternoon. I posted more photos on our Facebook page if you would like to see!



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