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Pardon our growing family and business...

Pardon our growing family and business...
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Some of you might have noticed that we sometimes make urgent announcements on our Facebook page that we are closing our studio/shop space in last minute. Also some of you might have caught my recent update on our Facebook that we will be shifting some of our opening days starting March...

People sometimes give me surprise looks when they hear our opening hours (it seems random and very short to them...) and to find out that we will be closing completely when we travel.

The truth is that our opening hours are truly based on our family (aka. our girls). It evolves around the availability of Coco's beloved babysitter and Satchi's preschool schedule. It's a result of a complex scheduling arrangement between Frido and I as two parents... figuring out who picks up who and when. Some days of the week, I am with both girls all day... some day I am working half day or all day while Frido or our babysitter stay home with them. Some day girls catch cold out of nowhere...

Yesterday I decided to close our studio/shop with a very short notice after being there for the morning preparing and shipping all the online orders. Coco has been teething and had a bit of fever last night and temperature was creeping back high in early afternoon. Her stomach had been little upset also for previous few days. Her babysitter was sending me messages with a thorough description of what was going on at home. Frido was going to be home with her in the afternoon so I could have stayed at the shop as we usually open most of the day on Fridays... but I needed to be with Coco. My heart as a mother really needed to be close to her.

So I hope you would kindly pardon our evolving family and business as we go through this adventure. It's our first time growing a business... and raising two girls... all at the same time. Baum-kuchen is really close to our heart and we want both Baum-kuchen and the family to grow in a sustainable pace.

If you have a plan to visit our shop in the future, please check our calendar ahead of time and before you leave your home just to be safe... Please feel free to send me an email if you are driving from other part of town to ensure that we are here to welcome you.

Most importantly... thank you so much for supporting our very humble family business. I still remember the days (and months) when we had one or two orders here and there... barely getting started. We are so thankful for our first customer who believed in us nearly four years ago (thank you Ali:) as much as our lovely customers who just walked into our studio/shop searching for their very first Traveler's Notebook!

thank you...





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