24 hours in San Francisco

24 hours in San Francisco

I can't believe it only has been a week since I was in San Francisco to attend Remodelista holiday market. It was a bit of crazy gig I pulled out of my pocket... I left Friday late afternoon with two overweight suitcases full of Baum-kuchen goodies (these two suitcases weighted more than me!!), crushed at my sister Yuko's apartment, woke up to do an all day pop-up at Heath Ceramics in San Francisco (one of the busiest market I have ever taken a part of!!), celebrated the day with Yuko over beer and Yakitori after the show was over..., then flew back to LA arriving home at 1am on Sunday...

Now that we have a brick & mortar and a baby #2... it takes a lot of effort to take a part of pop-up market like this but receiving direct feedback about our brand... and products we curate and make and meeting our customers in person means so much to us. Our new item, Napkin Sketchbook was a bit of hit for creatives in San Francisco as well as Traveler's Notebook. I came home with one nearly empty suitcase topped with two very special dolls from Jess Brown.

Thank you so much Remodelista for inviting us to take a part of two amazing holiday markets (LA & SF). Thank you Yuko for being the ground zero support in San Francisco. (How have I done this without your help??)

AND thank you Frido for holding the fort for two consecutive weekends with our girls at home.


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