A (quick) report from Remodelista Holiday Market in LA.

A (quick) report from Remodelista Holiday Market in LA.

We had a lot of fun at Remodelista Holiday Market in Los Angeles last week. It was hosted at Big Daddy's Antiques which was an amazing warehouse for all things vintage and beautiful. The scale of things they had! For the event, I decided to pack most everything in our vintage trunk and suitcases so our "under the table" looked as pretty as "above the table". I think we fit in the space pretty well:)
Tonight I will be flying to SF to attend one more Remodelista Holiday Market in San Francisco. This will be my first night away from my two girls... so of course I am having little butterflies in my stomach. 
My word for this week has been diligence and it will continue to be this weekend. I am planning to push through and fly through the weekend with whatever butterflies I have in my stomach:) When I see my girls next time, I will be one year older and hopefully much wiser! 
I hope you have a lovely weekend! I will be posting my San Francisco adventure on our Instagram so stay tuned:) 

first three photos courtesy of Remodelista. Photograph by Marcia Prentice.

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