Inspiration Lab 001: The Art of Gift Giving

Inspiration Lab 001: The Art of Gift Giving

I still remember the day when we posted our very first workshop on our website. Even though we had years of teaching experiences as well as hosting design related workshop..., creating and executing the Baum-kuchen original event was really new to me. I felt pretty nervous.... probably more nervous than the time when I signed our lease for our studio/shop. That day, I prepared myself to write a blog post about "what to learn from failing..." on November 24th in case we would not get enough attendees.

Fast forward 1.5 month..., I am happy to report that we did fill up the space for the workshop... and had tons of fun. A lot of work went in to make the afternoon as special as we could for our guests and I loved the creative challenges we encountered along the way. I guess we keep trying new things to keep ourselves "uncomfortable" so we can evolve and grow...

I hope you enjoy seeing the glimpse from the afternoon!
We transformed our shop into a workshop environment the day. I love how flexible our space is!
Each guest received a little gift. All wrapped in the Baum-kuchen style:)
I used Brass Label Plate as a seat assignment. Of course... names were typewritten using a vintage typewriter.
Christine (aka clau) kindly created these gorgeous leather coffee sleeves. We left a hidden message inside of the sleeve and it brought a sweet surprise when we unveiled it. I loved that everyone kept the tag Christine made even when they were using the cup and the sleeve for their coffee/tea!

You can probably tell... I had a lot of fun setting up the table scape. I kept it natural with a hint of colors here and there as accent.
mt masking tapes and colorful paper twine which was used as materials for wrapping demo really brighten up the table!

We used the little corner nook for a food table. Mini biscuits were delivered by Lemon Poppy Kitchen. (one of my favorite from their pastry menu:)

Susan of The (other) Kennedy Compound shared her delicious goodies. Bacon Jam and Cranberry/Cherry Sauce. I swear that everyone got excited when they heard the word "bacon jam"!

We kicked off the workshop with a discussion about the art of gift giving.
Then broke into small groups to brainstorm on gift ideas for mothers! Moms are the hardest people to give gifts, right? It was fun to hear everyone's ideas.
Then I did a small demo on paper folding technique I use for Baum-kuchen packaging.
It was great spending time with lovely ladies and share such a special topic. I can't wait to hear what their holiday gift looks and feels like after this workshop.



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