Getting ready for our very first Inspiration Lab!

Getting ready for our very first Inspiration Lab!

I can't believe it will be tomorrow! Our very first Inspiration Lab on "the Art of Gift Giving". It has been TON of fun getting ready for the day... including brainstorming and creating the contents for discussion, styling the space... and of course little goodies to share with our lovely guests. Today I spent most of the day in our studio working diligently... tidying up all the loose ends. I still have bit more to do tomorrow morning... mainly organizing the overall space in our studio and styling the table top (fun part!!!) and hunting for white paper cups for coffee (surprisingly had to find!! crazy, right?)

This feels very much like a milestone to me because I have told Frido million times that he and I should create a special workshop together... combining our design and teaching expertise. I also once thought I might want to become an event stylist... Of course I chose the path of Baum-kuchen instead of pursuing event styling... but I always loved making a scene and vignette special with a touch of design. It feels that this opportunity is bringing a lot of things I have dreamt of doing/being together in one place.

I am so thankful for our lovely workshop participants who have decided to invest their time and resources to be with us tomorrow.Thank you Jessie, Sara (and Jack), Christine, Brigitte, Minh, Erin, Deb, Tamara Georgia and Gloria!!! I can't wait to spend the afternoon with you.

Also very very special thank you to Susan of The (other) Kennedy Compound and Christine of clau for providing amazing goodies to share with our guests.

I am looking forward to sharing more about the event and all the details tomorrow (or Monday:)!!!


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