Why I write.

Why I write.

I go through this process every year. Right around September... I start to dream and wonder about next year's analogue system. Which size works better? Which notebook? What format should I use...??? There are so many questions and I love using the opportunity to reassess what's going on in my every day and recalibrate what might not be fitting right. 

It's a process and I love it.

This year I decided to go through some of my old journals to ponder. And really... I have found so many pages after pages of treasures. It probably does not mean anything to anyone outside of the family but the documentation of girls' growth, what we talked about in the past, what we enjoyed doing a couple years ago when they were little... to some thoughts that I held close to my heart at certain time of my life is such priceless artifacts. 

It's funny to feel that it's me who wrote it... but it feels like my mirrored-self have written it. I was glad that I had them written down there. I am a firm believer that we are not meant to read through all the journal pages from the past at the same time... but certain pages are meant to be found and discovered at the right time. I definitely found a few pages that I was looking for without knowing what I was looking for.

So I want to encourage myself... that the most important thing I need to remember is to put the ink on the papers. In a very very big picture, the act of writing, reflecting, pondering, remembering, brainstorming is what matters no matter what medium I have in our hands... 


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