Traveler's Company Stamp Caravan is coming to Baum-kuchen!

Traveler's Company Stamp Caravan is coming to Baum-kuchen!

Happy New Year to our amazing BK community. Now that our family is back from our annual January trip, I am ready to dive into all the exciting things 2020 holds for Baum-kuchen!

The first 2020 event I would love to share with you is the upcoming Traveler's Company Stamp Caravan. During the time, we will be hosting a series of Traveler's Company original stamps at Baum-kuchen analogue table. These stamps are usually available at Traveler's Factories in Japan and just as the name of the event suggests, these stamps are traveling to different stores around the world! 

Here is the date/time of Traveler's Company Stamp Caravan at Baum-kuchen. 

  • 2/21 (Friday) 1-4pm
  • 2/23 (Sunday) 1-4pm
  • 2/28 (Friday) 1-4pm
  • 3/1 (Sunday) 1-4pm

Our store address is:

2351 Lincoln Ave. Altadena, CA 91001

This is a walk-in event so you can drop into one of the above sessions or join us for all the dates! We will be offering BK TrulyYours TN customization as well as Creative Remix notebook making to create your unique TN refills!

We hope it will be a great opportunity for you to meet fellow TN enthusiasts in the BK community. If you would like to coordinate a more intimate meet-up with your friends, please get in touch with us. With advance coordination, we will be able to host a meet-up of up to 6 people around our BK Analogue Table. (UPDATE: all spots reserved)

**Photo is from our trip to Traveler's Factory in Narita Airport! We all had so much fun stamping away in our notebooks in 2018. (Geez, our girls look so small in this picture!!) The actual stamps we host at BK might be different from the ones in the photo but I hope you get the exciting vibe:) Can't wait to share this experience with you! 


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