Travel with Kids // Hamburg, Germany

Travel with Kids // Hamburg, Germany

Hello from Hamburg, Germany!
We have always traveled with our little ones through thick and thin. One thing we realized after trying out different travel itinerary type, planning (and then tossing out the plan once we get there) around kids' needs makes the travel so much more fun and meaningful to our family than following cookie-cutter tourist spots.

Our kids especially love animals, nature, and treasure hunting so we have included some fun and family-friendly spots to visit in and around the city of Hamburg!

The Elbe River
Our family spent so much time bicycling up and down The Elbe. If Frido and I ask the girls what they would like to do on a sunny day, they would surely tell us "go to the Elbe" with their English-German accent. Along the Elbe, we have found so many "favorite hung out spots" between the city and Blankenese to enjoy the family beach day while marveling giant container ships go by the Elbe. My favorite day would include some beach time for kids to run around and splash then sit at the open cafe along the Elbe to enjoy cold beverages and Currywurst (the popular street food with German sausages drenched in ketchup and curry powder... so good!!!). StrandPerle definitely is one of the fun cafes to stop by. We have only been there during the daytime but heard it would be fun to visit in the evening to enjoy the view of the whole harbor twinkle with lights! 

Wildpark Schwarze Berge
Satchi and Coco LOVE animals so visiting this wild park was a huge treat for our family. The park is located 30 minutes drive from the city on the other side of the Elbe River. We spent a whole day there! Our favorite was to feed wild pigs that were running around the walking path (they had clever ways to make sure they don't run away), playing with goats (and so many baby goats!!!), climbing a huge tower to view the whole city of Hamburg, and watching the bird show!

The park uses the natural landscape as a way to navigate and they have done such a great job. Walking through the park feels like walking through a forest with wild animals roaming around us.

Treasure hunting at flea markets!
There seems to be some kind of flea markets every weekend in the city. When kids were younger, it was hard for them to enjoy crowded markets but now they are 5 & 8, we can spend little more time hunting for heirloom artifacts. Hunting for treasures at a flea market must be one of Frido's favorite destination activities! 

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  • Robin Matsumoto: August 09, 2018
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    Lovely pictures of your family. Thanks for sharing.🌹

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