Thoughts from our time in Iceland // Wakako

Thoughts from our time in Iceland // Wakako

We are in a completely new season (heatwave in the coastal desert of Los Angeles), and the experience we shared in Iceland in early spring with icebergs and glaciers feels foreign to my body. But the change of season is sometimes what it takes to create the opportunity to reflect on the events in the previous season.

I am forever grateful for our visit to Iceland. The abundance of watery elements on this beautiful island reached deep for me. It felt like all of the residues, which did not belong to me, were washed out of my system by the rivers, waterfalls, and creeks. It prepared the foundation for what comes next. I hope this video brings a sense of cooler elements to your summer days. Thank you for joining me on this journey. - Wakako 

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  • Trina: September 02, 2023
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    Thank you for sharing this experience with us. The girls are getting so big. I’ve never been to Iceland, but I remember experiencing glaciers and the sounds of the shifting ice when we were in the Kenai Fjords many years ago. It was such a surreal experience.

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