This holiday season...

This holiday season...

I hope our recent BK Love Letter was able to reach you this past week. In case you have not received it, here is the link to what we shared this month. 

Thank you so much for those who responded to the love letter message and noticed that our message was not at all about the gift guide and the commercialization of this season. If you have recently walked into our store during our opening hours, you might have also noticed that we were not playing holiday music nor were decked out with holiday decorations. I am definitely not anti-holidays. But rather I am pro-self-care and reflection, especially during these full holiday season. I am aware of the kind of role I would love Baum-kuchen to play in our BK friends' life - an oasis that is consistent, even-tempered, and authentic no matter which season we are in. 

So thank you for going along with us to dig even deeper into the quest of life well lived and loved. Holiday traditions, rituals, and gatherings are amazing opportunities to reflect on the priorities in our lives. It can be hard, yes, if these holidays trigger difficult emotions within us. I fall into the category and am working through it. If the holiday season triggers something deeper in you, I see you and am sending warm thoughts towards your way. 




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