Sharing an exciting news about Eunice (@thedailyroe)

Sharing an exciting news about Eunice (@thedailyroe)

Greetings from Hamburg, Germany!

Frido and I will continue to be working from Germany until the end of this month, but we have an exciting BK announcement to share with you!  
Our beloved BK member, Eunice (aka. the amazing analogue fairy @thedailyroe) will be moving 50 miles south of Los Angeles with her family at the end of August. Since it will be a bit of commute, we decided that we will continue working together virtually focusing more on the BK content creation. We can't wait to share how our virtual work will manifest in many future creative projects!  
From September, Eunice will mostly be working virtually BUT she will be at our BK studio/shop in Glassell Park once a month to hang out with BK community in person and share her thoughtful insights on analogue tools (and I will make sure to update the dates ahead of time). So it's not really a good-bye in any means... but if you would like to stop by the studio during the month of August and shower her with love and best wish for the happiest and smoothest move, yes!!! You can see our remaining August opening hours here on our website
p.s. in order to accommodate the transition, our studio/shop will NOT have any opening hours during the last week of August!  

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  • Karen Celoni: January 05, 2020
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    If I preorder the superior labor wallet when is the money removed from my account? Is it at the time of purchase? Or is it at the time the item ships from your shop? Thank you, Karen

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