Sending warm thoughts from our studio

Sending warm thoughts from our studio

Today, I am sharing my thoughts from our studio in Altadena. Since March, our team members have been taking rotating shifts at the studio to continue to ship and fulfill online orders while staying safe. I've been coming into the studio every Sunday to support the operation's flow in any way I could. The studio, which used to accommodate all of us at the same time, has quieter energy now that it's only one of us at a time. The front area, which used to be our storefront, is now also tranquil. We put away merchandise that was displayed in the storefront, so they were away from the dust. As a replacement, we filled some of the space with a few more plants. I have to tell you, some studio plants had an incredible growth sprout during this pandemic. 

For now, we don't have a near-future plan to open our physical store space. Of course, I wish it was different, but we feel it's better for us to wait until all the dust is settled. Even though space is less public at this moment, I continue to encourage the team to keep it as tidy, organized, and cared for as possible. So that our team can feel energized to be in the space, even one person at a time, and so that we can continue to include this sense of peace and calm into every parcel we send out. I know it's a very intangible and invisible thing to "include" calm and peace in our package, but I believe in this kind of energy exchange to be important. 

I want to thank you for taking part in the Baum-kuchen journey all through this year, through thick and thin. We are grateful that we have been able to work on meaningful projects and continue to bring positive ripples in the world. 

We are sending warm thoughts to you 


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