Planner time with the little ones

Planner time with the little ones

So this happened, guys!!!!

Satchi, out of nowhere, decided to create her own weekly layout to plan out her upcoming week. A detailed schedule of what she will be doing which includes who is cooking which night's dinner (this week, more me than Frido:) When she finished filling her week's spread that will be leading up to our travel date to Germany, she added planner stickers to decorate it and held oh so proudly close to her heart. 

If you know me personally, you remember that I was so excited (too excited) to give our girls Hobonichi Cousin a few years ago. Too young. Too early. But I really had these hopes and dreams to share the journaling and planner time with them. Needless to say, Hobonichi Cousin from the year was barely filled and I am re-purposing it as my journaling notebook. From the experience, I have learned that I can't be the only force of their analogue journey. Satchi and Coco need to find their own passion and desire to pursue their paths just like everything else in their lives.

Fast-forward a few years, Satchi and I have been happily journaling together nightly as a part of our bedtime routine. She documents her day on her super cute notebook with sparkly cover while I do the same on my much-muted notebook. It has been a lovely way to wrap up our day and we both enjoy it. 

So this afternoon was a sweet milestone for a new analogue adventure. After she finished working on her spread, we talked a little bit about how helpful it is for her to grasp her schedule on a paper so she can feel more grounded and also how fun it is to visualize our day! We will see how it goes. It could be just this week kind of thing but I am happy to watch Satchi taste the joy of analogue. 

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  • Shawnee Charles: September 21, 2019
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    That is so beautiful , what a awesome site to see when your children do something amazing!!!

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