Camping Adventure in 2020 with Hipcamp!

Camping Adventure in 2020 with Hipcamp!

This year is nothing short of new experiences, for sure. Usually, we invest our spring and summer breaks to visit our families in Japan and Germany. These trips are important because we not only get to connect with our families who live afar but it also brings a breath of fresh air to our perspectives. Travel helps us see our lifestyle in a new lens and inspire us continuously design our lifestyle to be authentic and true to who we are.

This year; though, we were not able to step out as usual so Frido and I tried to come up with realistic scheme to step out of our home in Los Angeles even for a weekend at a time... and camping made sense. Being outside felt healthier and healing (and scientifically proven to be safer than being inside of the crowded space) and gave us a sense of adventures. We had 4 nights in Humboldt back in August and then headed out to 5 nights camping trip in Utah in September. I've mentioned how challenging some of the days/nights were during this trip in this story but wanted to add another story to share a unique experience we had by staying with Hipcamp campsite. 

When we were planning these trips (pretty last minute), we couldn't find many options for camping in the area of Zion and Bryce that looked inspiring so we tried using Hipcamp service for the first time. Hipcamp is kind of like Airbnb for camping! I spent a chunk of time combing through different campsites in the area we were interested in then landed on this campsite page, Zion Family Ranch Campground. The photo looked fantastic with more opened campsite layout with grass field, lake looked fun for puddling for kids, and there were A LOT of positive review about their clean bathrooms (and you know it's pretty important to our family:)! 

And I am thrilled to report that the campsite did not disappoint. There were 6 campsites available on the property. When we checked in (on Labor Day), it was practically empty. There is a lake in the middle of the campsite so each campsite feels private (while still having the feel of community because we could see each other across the lake). Kids spent hours on the kayak and boats, puddling and exploring. Stargazing was beyond incredible since this region is so far from metropolitan cities. We saw shooting stars together and marbled the Milky Way (when it was warm enough to be out). On the very last night, girls and I tried to sleep on the grass field outside of the tent while watching stars. It's a very special memory we will always cherish. 

With a hope to inspire our BK community members who might be heading to the direction, here are some photos from our campsite!

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  • Elizabeth Louros: November 02, 2020
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    I love southwest Utah. Thanks for sharing info on the campground. I have bookmarked for future travels.

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