Notebook Crafting, coming back on March 19th!

Notebook Crafting, coming back on March 19th!

I am thrilled to share that we will host Notebook Crafting, the first hands-on activity at Baum-kuchen to be back since the beginning of 2020! The communal activity will be offered during our opening hours on March 19th (Sunday) between 12-5 pm

I am reflecting on the last three years, and it's hard not to feel emotional about how much we have gone through. At the same time, I feel so inspired by how our love for analogue has continued to thread us together even through a very challenging time.

I hope the afternoon will be a fun and engaging experience for everyone joining to celebrate the togetherness of our analogue community. 


What to expect:

1. Select 8-10 sheets of paper from our collection. The number of sheet counts depends on the paper thickness of the selected sheets. Mix and match different paper styles or create a notebook with a single type of paper. You can also bring your paper or scrap pieces to include in your notebook.

2. BK team will assist you in cutting and binding your paper in the desired size (A5 slim, TN Size, B6 slim, A6, Passport, Fieldnotes size, etc.).  

3. Enjoy adding stamps to further customize your notebook at our analogue table. 


$16 for each notebook. 


There is no RSVP since it will be a first come, first serve activity. 

Here are some Snapshots of the activity from the previous session we hosted back in 2019.




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