Nature Tells us to Play // Love Letter, October 2021

Nature Tells us to Play // Love Letter, October 2021

If you have been around BK for a while, you probably know I become obsessive about running when I start gearing up for the annual Los Angeles marathon. After taking a year off from training and racing due to the Pandemic, I am back on my feet, adding miles each week but on totally new terrains. Back in 2019, it was all road run. Now we are in Topanga with most of my runs, so far, being either on hiking trails or nearby beaches. Yesterday, I was trying to run on the beach, avoiding being caught in knee-deep water while not stepping on dry sand that sank 6" each time I stepped. That was a challenging pursuit. Beach sand was either too soft to run on or too close to where waves came in and out. Then I rolled my eyes and laughed at myself, "why am I trying to run straight on the beach as if I am running in a city?" I figured if I stayed close to the water when the water receded, I was able to get to the fairly sturdy ground with compacted sand. As waves rolled up the sand, I then quickly ran up the beach to avoid being caught in the water. I zig-zagged my way forward. It reminded me of my girls playing the game of "don't touch the water" with their friends at the shoreline and I thought, "Oh wow. No wonder they can play hours doing this. It's so much fun!!"

I mean who tries to run straight path on the beach, right? So I am in the process of un-learning the idea of "must stay on the straight path" not just during my training but also in everyday life. 

The world tells me to go straight, but all in honesty, nature tells me to play!

I smiled so wide when I read A.C.'s story about how they "cannonballed" into the TSL's Blue Zip Organizer. The feeling of diving into a beautiful leather organizer with hopes and dreams is contagious:) Petra's Love for Analogue interview perfectly portrays her gentle and whimsical approach to her analogue world. Oh, and Trina's story... about autumn romance just made my heart feel so warm and fuzzy. Frido's narrative about cross-polinating the ideas during the BK design process is a classic example of moving forward in a zig-zag way instead of pounding a straight line. 

So I am here! With a bit of Californian optimism and with a sense of upward energy, I am ready to play with my life and analogue system of 2022. The planner season is such a special time for us at Baum-kuchen as each of us dreams up and ponders the upcoming year's analogue world, our sacred space. Here is an update of what is going on at BK with different dated calendars/planners we love so much.

MD 2022 // We have MD 2022 items in stock. They are the most zen-inspired planner system we share. A beautiful blank slate with just enough layout designs to keep you inspired. 

JIBUN 2022 // JIBUN 2022 is also fully stocked at BK studio. With a new addition of JIBUN DAYs in A5 slim size, the system stirs up my imagination for many different ways to wrap my head around my time. 

TN 2022 // We are now taking pre-orders for TN 2022 items with expected delivery in mid-October! If you love using your TN as your planner and journal and enjoy having dated calendars, please definitely check them out. 

JIYU // We are so thrilled to share the updated design of JIYU Monthly and JIYU Weekly, a new collaboration project between Baum-kuchen and Traveler's Company. It is now split between two separate notebooks - monthly and weekly - which cover the entire year. I know, for sure, I will be carrying a set in my Traveler's Notebook through 2022:) 

Roterfaden 2022 // We are expecting to receive the Roterfaden 2022 planners very soon! We will be updating our website as soon as we have them in stock. 

Moon Calendar 2022 // It is a wall calendar we love sharing every year. It helps us stay in tune with the ebbs and flows of the moon phases and our connection with nature. 

Because even within a sacred space or perhaps especially within a sacred space, we can sprinkle a little bit of mischief, infuse a sense of humor, and weave a romance to make it a whole. So why not? 


always a work in progress...

(still) from the deck of Topanga, California // October 5th, 2021

**This is from our BK Love Letter for October 2021. If you would like to see the entire love letter we sent to our community, you can browse it via this link.


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