Metamorphosis: TSL Pen Holder Clip // New vs. 3 months

Metamorphosis: TSL Pen Holder Clip // New vs. 3 months

Pen Holder Clip is really special to me and Frido since it's one of the ideas that came out from our meeting with the Superior Labor (July 2016!!). We went back and forth with an idea via email and a few prototype samples were made by the team of TSL. I love how collaboration could happen even with the distance.

I have been using the final prototype for the last few months and I am so in love with how it is aging. Especially when I hold my worn-in version next to the brand new one. The front part of the leather has patinaed just enough to match my TN Camel! It has a quite bit of scratch marks from clips of the fountain pens digging into the leather and I enjoy seeing them grow to be one of the kind.

The brass clip behind the leather is originally designed as a money clip so it grips well to the TN leather cover - an important feature so you don't accidentally lose your Pen Holder Clip with your favorite pens!!!

I can't wait to see how it looks like over many many more years.


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