Meet our incredible BK Team!

Meet our incredible BK Team!

At home, our family is learning about an evolution of the earth and our world right now... When we were reading this lovely book, The Story of Life: A First Book about Evolution, Satchi asked me "Does it mean that I am evolving too?? Changing??" I love how she took the concept and found a way to relate to herself with the question.

And yes... we are all evolving and it has been the case for our Baum-kuchen studio/shop too.

I often get a question, "did you know that you were going to be doing exactly what you are doing today when you first opened Baum-kuchen nearly 7 years ago?" And my answer is always... "not really." We didn't (and still choose not to) have a fixed business plan that puts us in a rigid box. But instead, I am always trying to listen, learn, be open minded, stay aware, and dream. 

Listening to my gut and what my heart is saying. Listening to the feedback of our customers and a group of trusted informal advisors I count on. Listening to how my family feels about how things are going. Learning about what is changing around us and figuring out what new tools/skills we need to stay relevant today. Being aware how products and brands we are working with are changing and evolving. Be open minded to change the course as needed. And as importantly dreaming small and big ideas so we can orient ourselves towards what might be next. 

I am thankful for so many many things that have happened to us through our BK adventure in last seven years. But if it's one thing I personally have to pick... I am most thankful for having an opportunity to serve our incredible BK team including Frido, Nerine and Eunice. Baum-kuchen of today would never be possible without our team. I pinch myself often how lucky I am to be a part of their life's journey and remind myself that my mission is to contribute to their lives in the most meaningful way through the experience I can provide at Baum-kuchen.

If you have a moment, I would like to invite you to browse the updated BK about page on our website. A talented artist Arotin created pencil drawings of BK team. I had so much fun capturing images of each portrait with artifacts that represented individual role and personality within our studio. While you are there, you can also read a little bit more about Frido, Eunice, Nerine too! 

 Sketches of Baum-kuchen team portraits by Arotin Hartounian 

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