Letters To Satchi and Coco

Letters To Satchi and Coco

"If words can express how much I love you, they are all here written with much love".

I write a love letter to Satchi and Coco almost every day on dedicated notebooks. Some day it's just a few words. Some other days, a whole letter filling the entire page in a notebook. I have been practicing this family ritual for more than five years and we now have a stack of notebooks that are dedicated to them. The other day, Coco asked me to see some of her old letters so we pulled all of our archives out and spread them out in our living room. Both girls sat on the floor and quietly flipped through the photos, notes, letters dedicated to them. It brought me a priceless joy to witness the scene. If you are thinking of starting a new analogue ritual for the new year and not sure where to start, how about starting to jot down your love letter to special someone on your pages? This special ritual dedicated to my girls has filled my cup as a mother over and over for many years...


The BK team behind the video: Wakako and Frido for filming the clips, Wakako for telling the story, and Eunice for editing the footage beautifully.

Artifacts mentioned in the video:

MD 2020 // 1 Day 1 Page Diary

Traveler’s Company Archive Binder / 011

Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen 


  • Susie McG: January 09, 2020
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    Such a beautiful ritual, and a great reminder to create a legacy of positive, tangible, archival communication with our children in a way that is not overwhelming. Thank you for the BK influence in life!

  • Nancy: January 09, 2020
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    What an incredibly thoughtful practice! It touches my heart deeply. I love that your children have such a rich history of loving connection to you in these books. I am wondering what printer you use to print photos from your phone. I have been looking for awhile and haven’t found anything that great. Many thanks. Nancy

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