Less is More

Less is More

We have passed the 1/2 way point of our Germany trip and are finally feeling clear from the jet lag by now. In the past 12 days, the weather turned gloomy to heatwave as we shifted our activities from making a fire in the fireplace to heading out to the beach. 

I have been sharing vignette of each day through IG stories. My hope is that I can share the mood of the moments instead of trying to capture everything that is happening (which is completely impossible). And also to show honestly about all the chaos that goes around the still photos which you might see on our website or Instagram. I want to break the feeling that our life is completely calm and serene because it totally isn't. 

Today, kids and Frido headed out to his parents' house and I am thankful to have some quiet time to think, reflect and create for Baum-kuchen.

Trip to Germany is always unique from any other travel. Since we have a strong family tie in Hamburg, the vibe of the travel is less "traveling" but more "homecoming" and we love it exactly that way. We are renting the same house as we did last year so settling into our home away home was really smooth so as figuring out where to get our groceries, etc. We have our family days and my workdays sprinkled through just as we do at home in Los Angeles. Girls get their immersive German experience with Frido's family, getting ice cream with Omi, bicycling to farmer's markets, and playing with their cousins and Frido enjoys reconnecting with his parents, discussing designs and family. Being in Hamburg brings just enough fresh breath of air without having all the surprises and chaos our usual travel accompanies. We live here for these three weeks. 

Frido and I often pull parallel between our life at home and time on the road. And once again, we are coming to the conclusion of the importance of doing less so we can savor each moment more. To acknowledge and say "thank you" to all the amazing opportunities that are all around us while being really selective of what we physically and emotionally commit to. 

Les is more. 


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