Keep Writing

Keep Writing

It's interesting to see how we can go back and forth in time through our written records, much like a time-turning tunnel. As I wrote bits and pieces of thoughts in my 5-year journal since 2019, I did not realize that it would become a catalyst to be able to make sense of the initial months of the pandemic onset in 2020. In some ways, because the writing was short and bite-sized, I could revisit those writings more easily without feeling a significant commitment to reading pages after pages of essays written each day during March 2020. Fast forward to March of 2023, I was grateful to start being able to slow down and take my time to re-read those entries with more intentions to process and heal from the experience. I am fully aware that my journal entries were not a complete catalog of events; nor an accurate description of my inner feelings. Yet, because I wrote those words, those pages can transport me to the time, and I was able to explore the "true" feelings of the time. I am grateful that I can share this story here because I understand that getting to the point of articulating and sharing "a story" that was difficult to experience at times can be a bookend of actually processing the experience. So thank you.

And when in doubt, keep writing.

-wakako Bk

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