The Adventure of The Journey Bag

The Adventure of The Journey Bag

The BK exclusive messenger bag has been a long-time design dream for Frido (like 5+ years?)! So when we were planning to design a bag that can be easily personalized with patches, stamps, and pins, we knew this would be a perfect opportunity to turn the dream into reality! Just like many design projects we work on at the BK studio, the Journey Bag has gone through many iterations in the design process. I remember Frido sewing the first 15 samples (or maybe more) like a mad man during the fall of 2019 using a home sewing machine in the garage. During that time, if we didn’t see him, we pretty much knew where to find him. Frido created prototypes that differed in a 1/2 inch here and another ¼ inch there, trying to figure out the perfect proportion. Then the final sample was passed on to The Superior Labor and their craftsmanship brought the design to the next level.

As the name suggests, the Journey Bag is meant for traveling with you, whether you are going to the grocery store or on a nature hike. It’s a bag you can easily grab, put everyday essentials in such as your notebook, phone, and keys, then head out the door. The Journey Bag is designed to work both as a stand-alone clutch or a versatile shoulder bag with an extra shoulder strap. You can have a lot of fun mixing and matching the colors of the bag with a variety of shoulder straps as well as your personal patches and pins.

We hope you have fun with this bag, customizing it to fit your life, and taking it on even further adventures! 

Some other design details we love:

  • Color of the inside liner // we had a lot of fun mixing and matching the outside and inside canvas colors. Isn't it fun to have a little bit of a surprise color when you open the bag? 
  • Outside pocket // We wanted to make sure that you can carry your most accessed essential items (like your phone) in the outside zipper pocket. And you guessed it! The inside of the zipper pocket matches the inside liner color:)
  • No Shoulder Strap! // This is the first bag we have intentionally decided to offer the strap as a separate item. Knowing that some of our customers might already have other TSL bags that have similar shoulder straps, we wanted to make sure that we are not selling "duplicate" of what you might already have. If you already own an Analogue Bag or XS Shoulder Bag, you can simply use those straps on the Journey Bag instead of purchasing a new strap. 


**Product links will become available on June 21st, at 12 pm (PTD)

Journey Bag 

Journey Bag Strap 

Imagination Will Take You Everywhere Pin

Leave Space For The Unknown Pin

Cherry Blossom Pin

Here Now With You Pin

Fragile Patch

Wabi-Sabi Rubber Stamp

Traveler's Notebook 


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