Inspiration Lab with The Superior Labor [Truly Yours]

Inspiration Lab with The Superior Labor [Truly Yours]

What a fun time we had with The Superior Labor team during the weekend of Inspiration Lab [Truly Yours]. This event had been in making since last November. Every element of the weekend was designed and curated as best as we could to deliver the most memorable experience for our guests. 

The concept of this Inspiration Lab was really simple. To transform the Traveler's Notebook to be "Truly Yours". It has been my personal quest to continue innovating different ways to serve our analogue community. Hopefully, this event would be the beginning of answering the quest in a meaningful way.

We feel honored to be a partner of the TSL team and their family who joined us all the way from Japan. Kawai-san and Yanai-san of The Superior Labor worked with 60+ guests while overcoming their jet lags. Each guest built a personal connection with them through witnessing their craftsmanship and having a dialogue in person.

I can't thank enough for all the guests for getting to our studio from near and far (1/3 of the guests flew into Los Angeles from all over North America for this event!!) to make the time we spent extraordinary.

And big cheers to the BK team who has worked tirelessly to make the Inspiration Lab come alive... and the incredibly supportive BK families to let us do the work we love. I think my eyes got all watery on the very last day from being full of gratitude and joy. 
I will let the short video footage and photographs to tell the story.

p.s. our friend Susan also flew in from Michigan to be a part of the event and created a complimentary story to reflect the voices of The Superior Labor enthusiasts.  I loved reading how happy our guests were about the relationship we have with TSL and their artifacts. Definitely check out the story:) 


  • John Rush: July 28, 2018
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    Wow, this looks like it was so much fun! If you ever do this again I would love to know to see if I could fly out to LA for the event.

  • Jane: July 03, 2018
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    A lovely event! Hoping you have it again next year!


  • Heidi Ellis: July 03, 2018
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    This looks like a wonderful event! Loved watching the video and seeing everyone make their TNs’ unique

  • Kaori: July 03, 2018
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    Dear Wakako-san,

    Congratulations on such a huge success of the event!! I saw lovely pictures featuring beautiful products from this workshop all over Instagram and I was seriously drooling🤤 I really hope you will do this again so that I can customize my beloved TN with authentic flavors of the TSL! Wonderful vibes all around!!

  • Judi: July 03, 2018
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    It was a most magnificent event and worthy of the vision and passion of both the BK team and TSL team. What inspiration!! Let’s do it again. Soon. Like, next month.

  • Erin Fairchild: July 03, 2018
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    I love reliving this all over again! Thanks again for a lovely experience!

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