In this imperfect zen monastery like moment, we introspect...

In this imperfect zen monastery like moment, we introspect...

Usually, the months of October, November, and December are an intense time for our family. We are constantly running around the city from one soccer game to another, figuring out the schedule to celebrate holidays with family/friends, and stay on top of a planner and holiday season at BK studio. But like many things in 2020, a lot has shifted for us this year. Our extra-curriculum activities have been simple for both girls which consisted of weekly beach day and an occasional visit to my mom. Because our choices have been small, we have fully enjoyed those occasions.

We got through the peak of the planner season at BK now and since we are not opening our brick & mortar this holiday season, our operation has been also simpler and more streamlined.

Sometimes I feel as if we are living in a kind of zen monastery. Away from outside noise, fewer options, and more focus on being present. It absolutely does not mean it's perfect. Kids and our pet chickens are lively and sometimes they get on each other's nerves. So being away from outside noise does not equal it's quiet around here. And I sure miss the free-flow of in-person dialogue we used to have with our friends and families and seeing our BK community come together.

Yet having less dialogue outside of our home ultimately is opening more space for introspection. An opportunity to really ask ourselves who we are, where we come from, and how we hope to tread our path forward.

We have learned a lot from this year and are still in the process of embracing what 2020 means to each of us. Both good and bad. Joy and sadness. Togetherness as well as quietness.

As we welcome the very last month of 2020, I am sending you warm thoughts for a quiet and peaceful path forward.



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