Happy Birthday BK // From Tomo Ogino

Happy Birthday BK // From Tomo Ogino

Happy birthday, Baum-kuchen and the team! The logo I designed is so memorable and is still one of my favorites. Although it was just around the time I finished school and started my freelance career, Wakako and Frido completely trusted my process of branding including the workshop. We all enjoyed the journey together. During the workshop, I remember that Wakako said that the brand wasn’t a goods shop, but rather it’s an inspiration of lifestyle. Personally the brand is a true inspiration for me and I am so glad that it has been thriving. I am looking forward to seeing the next 10 years of Baum-kuchen's evolution!

- Tomo Ogino


Where to find Tomo:

Website: tomoogino.com

Instagram: @tomoogino


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