Happy Birthday BK // From The Superior Labor

Happy Birthday BK // From The Superior Labor

TSL // Kawai-san

Wakako, Frido, and BK team members,

Congratulations on your 10th anniversary.

Before meeting Baum-kuchen, the majority of my work evolved from the fashion industry. I can say that I have changed significantly after I met BK. In 2018, I visited California to co-host our first BK x TSL Inspiration Lab. Through Wakako’s openness, Frido’s determination, and BK staff’s kindness, as well as exposure to many different cultures in the U.S., I was able to discover something Japanese culture is yet to capture. 

It’s hard to explain in words but the most important thing I would like to share is that “We have changed towards a good direction through meeting BK” and are incredibly thankful to get to know the BK community.

- Makoto Kawai // TSL

TSL // Yoshimi-san

Wakako, Frido, and BK team members, 

Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary.

When we received Wakako’s email for the first time in 2012, Makoto and I immediately looked up Baum-kuchen’s website. We saw a cute baby and a mom with a smile. I instantly knew that this was Wakako and her daughter. The impression of Baum-kuchen I felt at the time was warm, homey, and “very different” from any other stores. 

After a few years, when our oldest daughter Hana was about a year old, Wakako’s family visited Nap Village for the first time. They toured our ateliers and workshop, talked about many different things, and we enjoyed B.B.Q. while the kids played together. When it was time to say farewell, the idea of a collaboration project naturally arose. We immediately started sketching ideas and I vividly remember how fantastic the moment was (right, Frido?). 

You invited us to visit L.A someday and in 2018 the idea became reality. The energetic BK team, the BK community, and the California sky… everything was exciting and stimulating. Last year when we visited BK for the second time, I witnessed the amazing quality of the BK team. Each team member’s unique and eclectic qualities make BK such a great company. I was also touched by Ame’s sketchbooks that had all the leathercraft notes from her two training sessions at TSL.   

BK has a special quality that stimulates the fundamentals of TSL. 

For me, BK stimulates my thoughts and ideas for our lifestyles. 

Thank you. 


Cheers for many more years of working and growing together. 

 - Yoshimi Kawai // TSL 


TSL // Yanai-san

Baum-kuchen and BK team members, 

Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary!

Baum-kuchen is not only located in a beautiful spot with lovely staff but is also an amazing shop that brings smiles to their customers. If I lived in Los Angeles, I would probably visit the shop every day to see you there:). Even though we are not physically able to celebrate BK's birthday together this year, let’s plan to get together soon! 

My first experience visiting the U.S. was the BK workshop in 2018. It was the best first experience of America! I am so thankful for the BK team and all the workshop guests for engaging with me even though my English was not perfect. I experienced many great moments with you.

The TSL team is pouring our energy into creating even more exciting events next time! I can’t wait to meet you at Baum-kuchen again. 

Thank you so much Baum-kuchen!!

 - Yanai // TSL


Where to find The Superior Labor: 


@beechhooverpinard (Yoshimi Kawai)


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  • Judi Delgado: June 13, 2020
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    The Inspiration Labs have been….well, an inspiration! It was lovely to meet you and to watch your meticulous and beautiful work. I hope to see you very soon!

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