Happy Birthday BK // From Susan

Happy Birthday BK // From Susan

Happy Birthday Baum-kuchen!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Wakako and Frido pre-Baum-kuchen and watched as they strategized, planned, and grew this magnificent company into what it is today. Even before BK existed, I was inspired by their incredible creativity, and credit their friendship in opening myself up in a way I hadn’t before. They have this amazing way of encouraging you to dream, to think about your future, and your preferred path to get there.

It didn’t stop there. They introduced me to the world of Wabi-Sabi, for which I can’t thank them enough. Their Wabi Sabi + Bauhaus approach and design have inspired a guiding principle we abide by at The other Kennedy Compound: Beauty + Function. (Always)

Thank you Frido and Wakako for creating such a magnificent community and introducing me to so many wonderful, wonderful people. What started with a group of analogue lovers, has grown into so much more. Through BK I have collected the most magnificent friends, with the kindest and most inspiring souls. Wakako, your thoughtfulness, kindness, and strength show in everything you do. This community reflects your amazing soul.

Best wishes for the entire team moving forward!

from Susan Kennedy

Where you can find Susan:

Instagram: @theotherkennedycompound


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